Bienvenidos a Colombia

My trip to Colombia was not so great. First and foremost, I was heartbroken to leave Bahia. The city. My friends. My fellow volunteers. And then I stepped aboard the bus only to have the guy next to me not understand personal space, the child behind me think my seat was a kicking bag and the girl in front of me keep her seat so far back it was basically in my lap. Then I got to Quito, which was really fucking cold, and managed to find my hostel which looked so janky from the outside. Luckily, the interior was cozy. By the time I found a Cabina and called Renan, I was starving. So I ducked into a KFC. I know, but stop judging, and ate some much needed comfort food.

After standing in line for hours and a delayed connection flight, I finally arrived to Cartagena´s quaint little airport around 5 o clock Monday evening. Where Lanre had kindly waited for my delayed flight. Upon first impression, Cartagena is hot! It´s located in one of the northern most parts of Colombia and is settled on the Carribean. It´s basically warm year round which is why it´s streets are flooded with the some million people that live here. Quite a difference from Bahia´s 12,000.

It´s basically your typical big city. Dirty, dangerous in parts. It´s navigable by bus and there are some really pretty parts of the city. I haven´t had a chance to explore much. We spent most of the day yesterday on the beach and then met up with some fellow CouchSurfers anoche. Today has basically been devoted to the internet, for me. Like a coke addict getting her fix. Though I suppose, based on my current location, perhaps that´s not the best comparison.

I was very afraid to come to Colombia. But it´s beautiful so far. Before I left Bahia my friends were all joking about getting a phone call from me asking them to come rescue me from the FARC. No worries though, I am quite safe here and well taken care of. No encounters with any drug dealers even. Well…not yet. Alejandro told me horror stories of women getting breast implants of cocaine. So I´ll be sure not to get any breast implants while I am here either.

All in all, this will be a bit of a relaxing vacation. And I am glad to have it. Every day I think of Bahia and am quite sure I will be back there. Probably soon. But who knows what other adventures life may have in store for me? No se. Solo Pura Vida!


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