Feliz Cumpleaños a mi

Yesterday was my birthday and my last day teaching here in Bahia. I was hugged and kissed and serenaded by precious little niños all morning.  I received dozens of cards – many of which I´ll have to have Diego explain to me later this afternoon.

Last night we headed up to the mountain reserve Cerro Seco where the electicity was out. Awesome. So we drank and bounced around to some drummer before Alejandro kindly shoved my face into one of my cakes thus ensuing in an icing battle between the two of us. Afterwards Renan kindly licked icing off my face before cleaning it off with a towel from the rest of my face and hair. It was an adventure. That´s for sure.

I only have two days left in Bahia. On Sunday I´ll be taking a bus to Quito and then on Monday flying off to Cartagena, Colombia. And I am desperately trying to convince myself that I am not sad to leave. That makes it easier for me. Of course, having Diego and Renan constantly telling me not to go does not make it any easier. I will miss those boys.

But my adventure here isn´t over yet. I have two more days and I´m going to make the best of it. And I´m going to start by getting off this computer and getting outside! Chao!

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