Bahia de Mi Corazon

Bahia is not really beautiful. I wouldn´t recommend that anyone put it on their ´Must Visit´ Travel list.  The beach kind of sucks. The parks are pretty much nonexistent. There isn´t much to do. And if you´re in need of comfort food, there are no fast food places to be found.

That being said, I love this tiny little town. I love that in the evenings everyone drives in circles around the peninsula in their cars or on thier motos just because it´s the thing to do. I love that I have had multiple novios during my time in Bahia because a gringa who spends time with an Ecuadorian chico is obviously sleeping with him. I love that it´s more or less the Cumberland of Ecuador, except it´s not Cumberland, it´s Bahia.

Needless to say at this point, but I will very much miss this tiny town of 12,000 inhabitants. I will miss the people mostly. Because with anything: A school, a job, a play, a sports team, a town – it is the people that make it all worth your while. And even though I´ve always known that. I think I really understand it now. Maybe for the first time.

Last weekend we went to two night clubs. The only two in town. Palma Morena was tiny (half of Dante´s) and kind of a dive. But I felt at home with the abundance of gay men that seemed to inhabit it. I even tried to teach them bi-sexual and bi-curious in English. That´s my role when I meet people my age. Teach bad or slang words in English. People seem to most enjoy hearing my pronounce the difference between beach and bitch. Two words the people here have a lot of trouble differentiating between. On Saturday night we went to Debai and it was beautiful. It´s settled right on the estuary and it´s just absolutely gorgeous at night. And since one of my amigos is a fabulous dancer, I proceeded to dance the night away under the stars and on the estuary.

Less than a week left. But I´m trying to forget about leaving for now until it actually comes. For now, I´ll simply be.

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