Digging for Clams

On Sunday Kelsey and I were greeted on our doorstep by two strapping young Ecuadorian men (Alejandro and Renan) carrying kayaks. And what were we expected to do? Kayak across the estuary with them. I have never been kayaking in my life and someone should have warned me that it ends with you very wet, the fronts of your legs oddly sunburned and the next day your back is a little bit sore. But, I´m actually glad no one did because I loved it!

We kayaked to this tiny beach island across the estuary where we went swimming and dug for clams…with our toes. The clams or las conchas live in the slimy sand under the water. So we went out into the water, felt around with our feet and came out with a whopping 80 clams. And finally, water logged and loaded down with conchas, we headed back to Bahia where Kelsey and I were treated to fresh, home made cerviche de conchas cooked by the same strapping Ecuadorian men that steered our kayaks across the estuary. And…they did the dishes.

My entire experience here continues to be such an adventure. Every day there´s something new or exciting. Today, unfortunately, Kelsey left me to go back to Los Estados Unidos. It will be a whole new experience without her. Who will translate the Spanglish I try to speak with Renan and Alejandro? But alas, these things do happen and I have learned to roll with punches and come out on my feet.

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