Fiesta en la Playa

In Ecuador when they have elections, Ecuadorians are forbidden to drink for the entire weekend. It´s actually against the law.  So the entire week Kelsey and I planned to meet up with volunteers from various organizations in the city at the only night club on Friday night. Which, come Friday, was closed. Thank you Ecuadorian laws. And I mean that sincerely.

Instead we chose to have a little fiesta at our house and it ended up being way more fun than any night club could have been. There is a Reserve project in the mountains in Bahia, so some of their volunteers came down. And Diego, the English teacher at Genesis made his way with his brother and a friend who started up a dance party in our living room. Damn do those boys know how to move their hips.

The party moved to the street where a fabulous vagabond gentleman played a wooden recorder and almost everyone in the posse was required to entertain with some time of talent. Then the party moved to the beach where locals and volunteers from an organization called Planet Drum had formed a drum circle and were chanting and playing volleyball and smoking pot and just generally chilling out on the beach in the middle of the night.  So we joined in the festivities until everyone sort of died down and I tried to make conversation with Diego´s brother Alejandro and their friend Renan with their basically non existent English and my fairly insubstantial Spanish. And they played a round of, lets convince Rachel to say dirty words in Spanish that she doesn´t understand and repeat them to Diego.

By the time we checked our clocks, it was quatro y media and Kelsey and I had to be awake in two hours to tour the beautiful Isla de Corazon. All in all, however, it was a bangin´ fiesta. So, thank you Ecuadorian law for being so strange and antiquated.


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