From the Middle of the World

That’s Quito’s big claim to fame. They’re located at the middle of the world. Or at least, they say they are. I must admit I was not that excited to come to Quito. In fact, I was not at all prepared to come to Quito. It is the first time I have ever arrived in a city or country where I had no idea what I wanted to see or what I was supposed to see. And somehow that was oddly liberating. So I took the opportunity to wander and get lost and find myself again. I did visit such notable places as Jardin Botanico in Parque Carolina and Mariscal La Foche – which is the center of nightlife in Quito. My wonderful, hospitable host, Violeta, also showed me an area of bars located on an extremely steep hill called Guapolo with the most amazing view of the city.

The flight over was a disaster. My seven hour layover in Miami turned into a nine hour layover when my flight was delayed and on the plane all passengers were forced to wear surgical masks over their nose and mouths to combat Swine Flu. And after finally arriving at the airport a little after 10 local time, I waited in line at Immigration for almost two hours!  In fairness, I suppose, it was an adventure.

I´m delaying my trip to Bahia by one day because I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some really cool people in Quito that I’d like to hang out with a day longer. Violeta, my Spanish Host, Andrew, her Ecuadorian lover and Lanre, a Nigerian guy teaching in Colombia and visiting in Quito for a time. We had an excellent time at the bars last night alternating between English and Spanish. Andrew and I conducting miniature language lessons for each other at every corner.

My trip to Ecuador I already count as a success because I am loving this trip. I don’t know that I love Ecuador and I don’t expect to come home smitten kitten with any Ecuadorian men (but I make no promises), but I love being immersed in this culture and just being free to be me – even if here I’m not totally sure who that is. My camera doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with Violeta´s computer, but once I finally touch down in Bahia and have a free moment, I’ll post some pictures. For now, I’ll go back to having the time of my life!

2 thoughts on “From the Middle of the World

  1. Stupid Swine Flu! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your adventure. I don’t think I’d be able to resist drawing a big grin on the outside of the surgical mask or maybe a pig snout. I don’t think immigration would be amused, though.

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