Home Sweet – See Ya!

I arrived home from the beach last Sunday making the nine hour trek with Hallie as my co-pilot. It was rather uneventful with the exception of a minor altercation at the Rest Area when a Jamaican man propositioned me for sex. Oh the wonders of traveling alone.

Since I have been home the department store where I have worked part-time since high school has been working me crazy amounts. Well, considering I didn’t really plan on working at all. It’s definitely putting a wrench in my packing and plans.

I’ve also found that when I leave for an extended period of time, particularly if it’s to a foreign country, I often feel like people have to make appointments to see me.  Especially this time around. “Well, I’m free for coffee between 5:15 and 6:05 tomorrow night. How’s that?”

Being home this time around has just reminded me how desperately I need to get the hell of out dodge and leave this town. Now, granted, I went out the other night and essentially had a high school reunion at a local bar and I didn’t hate it. And, in fact, actually enjoyed seeing most of those people. But I feel like there’s just no room left for me to grow here. And I have so much more I need to learn and examine and explore about myself. I just can’t do that here. Not anymore. I need to go somewhere. Anywhere. Just not here. Not right now. Not for me.


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