Beach Week Bust

Last week the beaches were quiet and peaceful with people scattered across the sand relaxing under the sun and wading in the waves. On Sunday all of that changed as Beach Week came to Myrtle Beach. The beaches transformed from barren tranquility to a clusterfuck of college kids drinking from dawn to well after dusk. They took over the pool/hot tub at my complex, left beer cans everywhere and one of them had the consideration to vomit in the bushes in front of the buildings. All that said, however, I haven’t minded the eye candy it provided me on the beach. Nor did I regret the amusement at watching girls in their skimpy outfits, carrying their heels, taking the walk of shame to the beach in the early hours of the morning. Priceless.

It also brought to me the realization that I am probably older than many of these people. And suddenly I felt unbearably out of my element. My mind has trouble wrapping itself around the idea that I am indeed an adult. I’ve spent close to my entire life being younger than others and I embraced that place in a pack, so to suddenly be someone who is older, but still feeling as though I should be the youngest is a concept that I’m struggling to tackle.

Andy came to visit me. And sadly, as happens when you become too involved in living, I neglected to take any pictures of his visit here. We had a nice adventure out to the Spanish Galleon, a local night club with raised cages to dance in. It was too packed to do much of anything though. It was nice to have company again. This morning he left for Orlando to audition for Disney World and Hallie and I are going it alone again on this very rainy day.

Last night I met another fellow CouchSurfer, Ofer from Israel. He is exceptional. Completely fluent in three languages hasn’t been in the same place for more than a month in the last two years and is finally headed back home to Israel shortly. All in all, a really cool guy that, hey, who knows? Maybe I’ll visit in Jerusalem some day.

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