Blindsided by a Blind Date

Yesterday I met up with a fellow CouchSurfer for lunch. Seemed like a pretty nice guy though a tad bit verbose. He was well traveled and had some cool stories so it was all pretty chill despite that the Veggie Burger from Buffalo Wild Wings sucks ass. And then about mid-way through our lunch he asks, ‘So what do you look for in  guy?’

An alarm immediately sounds in my head because that’s a date question. That’s not a, hey, let’s hang out and maybe be friends question. I tried to respond as noncomitally as possible with, “I’m twenty-two. If something’s there then that’s who I’m looking for.” All my attempts to steer the conversation in another direction were thwarted and when I returned from the bathroom with the bill fully paid by him then I knew, to him this was a date. And I mistakenly, I guess maybe naively walked blindly into it.

He seemed like a nice enough guy, if a bit lonely. Though honestly, an ex-military divorcee who works in the restaurant business isn’t really who I, a young, unattached, not looking for anything serious female, am looking for.

I guess I discovered this as I was travelling solo through Europe, but if a girl needs a confidence boost, travel alone. Because apparently solo female travelers are hot shit. As revealed to me by the plethora of men that have tried to chat me up or get my attention this week. I mean, really, go talk to the platinum blonde over there with the spray tan. She’s clearly seeking attention, and I, my erect friend, am just trying to chill out on the beach. So you’re gonna have to beat it.


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