Mexico to Myrtle Beach

Thursday night (around 2 am) I welcomed my very first CouchSurfer, Lily. She is on her way home from a remarkable journey. What began as a few week trip to Miami turned into an almost 6 month adventure across the country lilyandmeand through Mexico where she stared into the desert sky, little miss sunshined an ’82 Volkswagen, and met people all along the way.

She’s a remarkable girl. Completely at peace with her unshaven legs and arms and her desire to keep herself as pure and untouched as the day she entered the earth. I envy her free spirit and her blind jumping into what fate, destiny and tomorrow have to offer. This morning she set off on the final leg of her trip back to Lancaster, PA to visit her family and then she’s headed back out wherever the wind takes her. And here in Myrtle Beach she left a new friend that she probably didn’t even mean to inspire. (But alas, I do still plan on having clean shaven pits.)

So, on the hosting end of CouchSurfing it was completely secure. She was fantastic, did not attempt to steal anything from me or threaten me in any way and she was really a charming houseguest with great stories and wonderful conversation.

Oh, and don’t worry, she didn’t have Swine Flu but she did say it took hours to get through Immigration and even had to meet with a doctor (along with everyone else) to have a few tests run.  She also said Mexico City was like a ghost town with everything shut down – restaurants, convenience stores, even government offices. Methinks something is amiss with this.

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