Going It Alone

Today I discovered that my friend Kate will not be coming down to hang out at the beach with me this week. And, I admit, I was pretty bummed to discover this. Mostly because, well, as much as I like hanging out with myself, I’m likely to get a little bored with just me after a full 7-8 days.Hallie Mae

Hallie is pleasant company, albeit a bit demanding. She likes things to be done her way and on her schedule. She loves the beach though (and hates the ocean) so she’s cool just hanging out on the sand while I bake away. And my skin has proven, once again, to be addicted to sunburn.

I went on a lovely three hour walk around North Myrtle Beach today. It is not the most walkable of towns, but I managed. There’s a Nail Salon in every complex. A place where I can take surf lessons, art lessons, tanning sessions. There’s a McDonald’s, Chick-fil-a, Buffalo Wild Wings, TGI Friday’s and Atlantic Bread Company (where I had lunch) all within walking distance. As well as multiple beach shops, clothing shops, specialty shops, grocery stores and local eats all at my fingertips.Sunburn City

All of my walking took place on frequently traveled roads and, really gents, honking your horn or slowing down next to a girl is not an effective means of getting…anything, really. I do have to admit that as much of a feminist as I am I still get a teeny confidence boost from the attention. But eventually it just gets annoying.  And really, I like my men with a little bit of spice. But can we hold the sleaze? That would be awesome.


One thought on “Going It Alone

  1. Hi Rachel! It’s Rennie, I saw your blog on Facebook and it reminded me of xanga days and I wanted to say hi :) Hope all’s well despite the vicious nasty sunburn. All of this traveling you’re doing sounds awesome, by the way. Have fun!

    Also awesome: “But can we hold the sleaze?”

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