The Adventure Begins

The drive from Maryland to Myrtle Beach was an adventure.

Strolling Through the Winery
Strolling Through the Winery

Lessie, my co-pilot, and I took our time stopping at anything exciting we saw along the way. We ended up driving through Winchester, VA during their Apple Blossom Festival. This is a challenge I don’t recommend. It was all in what turned out to be a futile mission to attend the circus that featured the elephant I saw being showered from the interstate.

When we realized we were famished we took the road less traveled and went to the burger place next door to Subway and had delicious Boardwalk fries and what may have been the best Garden Burger I have ever tasted. My father called frantically nearly every hour because his internal atlas was thrown off by all of our frivolous side-treks.

After we explored the grounds and purchased a bottle from James River Cellars, we were turned away from a closing carnival in Chadbourn, NC before arriving to North Myrtle Beach and spent the wee hours of the morning strolling along the star-lit beach.

Today, despite the less than perfect weather, we went strolling along Main Street and now sit at our respective laptops enjoying a glass apiece of Hatteras Red – Lessie’s wine of choice. Tonite we will go out in search of good music and local cuisine before Lessie sets sail to Bethany Beach.


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