Frenetic Living

Spent 6 weeks in Europe. Spent one week in the Dominican Republic. Fell madly in love. Emphasis on the madly. Had my tonsils out. Got grown-up job that now, 4 months later, I already hate. Went back for a week to the Dominican Republic. Realized I had no purpose in life anymore. Hated life. Decided I should move to the Dominican Republic. Started Spanish class. Job searching on-line for the Dominican from my cubicle all day.

Now I have to go to a Sales Meeting.


2 thoughts on “Frenetic Living

  1. Wow… That’s quite a catch up!
    Who’d you fall in love with? What’s happening with that?
    How come you hated life after you visited the Dominican Republic?
    It’s been so long! I’ve missed you!

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