A story of Irony

Before I tell you the story, I need to give you a little background information. I kind of have a schoolgirl crush on this guy (and for sake of the story, he takes lots of science class) and, completely unrelated, I met this nice, then creepy guy at the bar on Friday and ditched him to “leave” with a guy that I know. Now, for the story.

It’s snowing today in Frostburg and VERY windy. This morning when I was walking to class I very nearly almost fell down some of the concrete steps on campus that were clearly not salted. So when I left class I headed in another direction, as to avoid tripping up the steps, and took warm-cuts through lots of buildings. I decided to cut through Compton Science Center, which was three-fold: it was warm in there and in my path toward home, i love the pendulum and haven’t been in there all semester, and there was a slight possibility I might see aforementioned schoolgirl crush.

So I walk in, with headphones blaring in my ears and think a janitor is talking to me, so I respond, very loudly, before yanking off a headphone. As it turns out, she wasn’t talking to me and everyone in the lobby was now looking at me. I kind of smiled and laughed a little embarrassedly and the janitor and the girls she was talking to were very sweet. So then I put my head phone back in place and head across the lobby, a little bit slowly, kind of looking for schoolgirl crush when, out of the corner of my eye, I see creepy guy from the bar.

So I look in the opposite direction and head out the door into the cold acting as though I hadn’t seen him, though I’m pretty sure he saw me since A) I made a scene and B) I walked right in front of his view. If he said anything I couldn’t have heard him b/c of my headphones (thank you IPOD), but I think he started to follow me out, so I started walking really quickly. When I got to the top of the hill, my hair blowing wildly in the wind, I looked back toward Compton and there was schoolgirl crush coming out the doors.

Isn’t that just my luck?

5 thoughts on “A story of Irony

  1. yup
    I’m definitely going to have to hear this story with squealing and wild rachel hand and body gesturing. lol.
    and maybe the crazy legs dance as an encore.

      1. I doubt it if his name is “Staten.” I just figured it was Shay because he’s always around Compton and cruising the bars at night with his creepy grin and bad teeth and oddly tight black tees, always rubbing up again unsuspecting girls.

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