My hometown is going to be on TV. My former high school is going to be on TV. My High School’s Homecoming Game is going to be on TV. A National Network. Cumberland, Maryland. For our Homecoming Game. How sad for us.

I, for one, will not be attending said event. Unfortunately. I’d really like to go, actually. The last two years it’s been torturous. Seeing people from my graduating class that I never cared to see again (with their babies, usually). This year, however, the year I can’t go b/c I have to work all day, I want to go. Why? I want to take Nalgenes full of screwdrivers and show to all of my friends that think they had a big homecoming at their high schools how wrong they are. No one beats us. They just don’t. They think they do, but the truth is, we are the 3rd biggest highschool rivalry in the Nation. And that’s why the NFL is coming, to Cumberland, to film us.

You can view a full article here.



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