It would seem she got the Memo…

As we are now in full Autumn weather, late Autumn weather. The very abrupt change in temperature was not entirely welcome, but at least I’m no longer sweating in October and sweaters are finally on the table.

One weekend of Into the Woods down. It went…pretty well. On Friday night, well, Milky White’s head fell off. Luckily it was kind of in the wing, so parts of the audience just saw her fall over. So JBehr, Stage Right ASM, starts crying and Combat Betty, notorious techie that wears a harness at all times (even to parties), starts taping her head back on. Then when she gets pushed out on stage, she loses a wheel and falls over again, Center Stage. Awesome. I suppose Combat Betty did an extraordinary taping job, because her head stayed on. The other two performances were not nearly so eventful, though they went quite well.

So I get to hang up Jack’s Mom, at least for a few days. I’ll be really sad when I have to hang her up for real. I think this is the first time that I’ll miss my character. I guess that just shows how much I actually have put into her. She’s nothing special, she’s crazy, but she’s so much fun. She has this love/hate relationship with her son and she hates that he’s such a moron, mostly because he has no father to discipline him. And she’s worried about how they’re going to survive and takes it out on him. Then she dies trying to save him. I hope that if I’m ever a Mother, I love my children as much as she loves her son.

The end of a show is always bittersweet, well, if you like the show. There’s a family created within the cast and there’s the sorrow at not seeing that family every day of your life. But, at the same time, you’re excited to have a life again! Last night when The Baker and his father were singing “No More”, Shea-Mikal, Mallory & I were sitting in the wing watching and sniffling and getting teary eyed. And then Mal & I watched “No One is Alone” and just hugged each other and had a little cry (as in, only a few tears). I can only imagine how much my make-up will run on Saturday’s evening show.

4 thoughts on “It would seem she got the Memo…

  1. new layout, yay!
    I wish I had a little video through my eyes to show you all how amazing certain moments really are . . . your death. brilliant. the end of no more. stunning. OH and your scream was so incredibly *on* Saturday night (Mairzy laughed pretty hard, too, so it must have been what she wanted!)
    *sigh* oh, into the woods.

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