Free time?? A social life?? What’s that??

I haven’t stopped all week. Well, since Sunday evening. (Sunday I decided to call off work and take a little R & R day.) The only friends I see are those in my classes, rehearsal, or those that I live with. Occasionally there will be the random dinner guest or visit. Tonite, after rehearsal, I have to study for my Italian Exam, my Brit Lit Quiz (sparknoting that shit) and I should get started on my paper that is due on Monday, which I’ll have to write this weekend, along with studying for my Music History Exam, working a little over 15 hrs at Bon Ton in three days.

What’s exciting? 101 Years of Broadway this weekend. Now PLEASE let me be able to get tickets today!!! They’re only $10 for students. And I’m going, even if it makes me late for work. At the end of the day, I need something to look forward toward!

Oh, and I’m pretty sure the transmission is dying in my car. Which is really exciting.

At least tomorrow’s Friday.

I’m gonna get ready for class now.


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