Do my tastes make sense?

Do other people walk home from class listening to “Dance, Mother Fucker, Dance” by the Violent Femmes only for their IPOD to shuffle next to “I Like Spelling” from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee? I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony in that.

I skipped my 2 o’clock class today. And I know my professor will notice and know that I skipped. Why? I have him back to back and I was at my 12:30 class. Oh well. I talk more than anyone else in my 12:30 class, and it’s a workshop class, so I should get bonus points! (That’s my rationale at least.) So I came home, with the intent of arranging my bedroom, and instead I ate some of my roomie’s leftover Dominoes from the shin dig that kept me awake last night and got on-line. Oh internet, slight bane of my existence.

I completely hermited this weekend. I didn’t go out, though some cats did come over to my parents. Shea Mikal made sushi, which was pretty amazing. I’ve spent less than $10 of unnecessary money since I made my vow. Which, for me, is exceedingly impressive.

The original Cinderella for Into the Woods contracted meningitis and she and the actress playing Rapunzel were switched. It seems, however, that she may not even be well in time to play Rapunzel. Any blonde beauties with a knack for high notes?? (Or former blondes, hint! hint!)

Now I think I’ll rearrange my room.

8 thoughts on “Do my tastes make sense?

  1. Pfft! I just noticed the link!
    Oh, Barkley. He won’t care. If he says anything tell him you know about his secret juijitsu life! … but don’t mention my name, lol.

      1. WELL, I don’t have pictures, but the rest of the story is this: One day my best friend, Jewels, asks me if I know who Brad Barkley is.
        I say “Of course, he’s my f’ing advisor.”
        She says, “I just found out he works here the other day when I was talking to Dr. McZane.”(She’s obviously not an english major).
        I’m like “DUH! So what about him?”
        She’s like “He takes Jui-jitsu with me and Amanda and I’ve rolled with him before!”
        Me…”!!!!:O:O:O!!! You rolled all over the floor with my adivsor!?!?!”
        Apparently, they always made fun of him in their class b/c he’s ‘old and weird.’ But Terrie knew about it and she said he hasn’t even told his kids so I think he’s embarressed.

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