One week

A lot can happen in a week.

This week I moved out, started school, got cast in a show, celebrated my Nan’s 80th birthday and celebrated the uniting of two individuals in matrimony.

I live a few blocks from campus now and it’s fantastic! My roommates are great so far. We’re a very eclectic bunch and it works. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to NOT live with my parents anymore. I love my parents and get along with them very well, but it’s just nice to have my own place, my independence. I don’t think my Mom likes it so much though. She wanted me to stay at the house for Labor Day weekend, I refused. She was okay with that though…

Classes are…class. I have Italian and it’s going to keep me busy, but I like it. I’m sticking out Chamber Choir this year so I can go to China in March! I am really excited to go to China. It should be pretty amazing. I have one of my favorite professors back to back, which is nice. It’s also nice because I think he’s really sexy, but in that intellectual, writer kind of way. He’s not young, he’s middle-aged, but that’s totally okay with me. In fact, my poetry prof (who is of a similar age to sexy prof) came into Bon Ton today, where I work, with his girlfriend who couldn’t have been more than a few years older than me. My attraction to my sexy prof, totally justified in that.

Frostburg State University will be presenting the musical Into the Woods with, if I may say so myself, a fabulous cast! I’ll be playing the role of Jack’s Mom and I can’t wait! For those who don’t know the show, Jack’s Mom is all crazy and kooky and then she gets bludgeoned to the head in the second act. I am SO excited to die!!! I also get to do a character voice which I’ve never really done before. Well, okay, I played the Cook in Alice in Wonderland once, I did a character voice for that. I saw Steve, who will be the playing the Steward in Into the Woods, at a party and he says to me, “I can’t wait to kill you!” It’s just not often enough that one hears that, really…

My Nan’s birthday party was complete with chasing dogs, crying children, shouting parents and disgruntled elderly. My little sister brought her brand new boyfriend to this event and a family friend brought her boyfriend as well, both of whom had never met our family, and I truly felt for them. When new people come into my home on events such as these, all I can think is, Prepare yourself. I’m one of five children and we’re a loud, talkative, boisterous bunch. I think sometimes people think it’s only in the movies, the kids running through the house, chasing the dog that’s chasing the cat while parents are carrying plates, dodging children and dogs and cats while the corner of over 70s shout to hear one another over the noise. Plates of food being passed from hand to hand, drinks spilling like the younger crowd that falls onto the deck, attempting to avoid the chaos only to be followed by more children that want to be picked up and thrown and spun around; that want playmates. I think those new people that come into my house on nights such as tonite must think, Wow, this isn’t just in the movies.


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