Papers and Lost

So in approximately thirty minutes I will begin composing a five page paper that I hope to have completed in 3-4 hours time. I’m confident that if I really focus, I can do this. After this time I will then begin the tumultuous task of outlining the eight page paper that is due Friday, that I haven’t begun at all! Basically, I have to do this. I will not be able to sleep until I do. Simple as that. So if I breathe green fire at you tomorrow, it’s not me, it’s the Amp talking.

On to more interesting things….


My first thought in this episode, “Holy Shit! Ben is Harry Potter!!” With the glasses and everything. The producers were definitely playing on some fan fodder there. Even in the beginning of the episode I thought to myself, Ben is such an egomaniac! By the end of the episode I was like, “Oh my God! Ben’s fucking nutters!” He gassed his people. He holocausted his entire world! Who can do that?? How could he stay in the van while his father was dying?!?! What a sick fuck!! I’m glad we are finally getting some clear connections though. I also love that Ben’s been proven a liar to the viewers. Born on the island my ass. And Locke was especially kick ass in this episode – beating the hell out of eye patch guy and whatnot.

Back to our Losties. I hate Jack. Nay, loathe him. I like Juliet way more that Jack and his jears. I love Sayid. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love him. Kate thinks he’s going to die. I hope she is undeniably incorrect. (Apparently the actor hates the show. eh.) Though speaking of dying, it seems as though Ben would have the newly dubbed bad ass die. And all because he heard Jacob. So, it makes you wonder, can Ben not hear Jacob? I mean, why did he not hear what he said to Locke?? If he can see and speak to him? Though, as this episode shows, Ben will do pretty much anything. Crazy git.

As for Richard. Uhm…what? You’ve been hotty mchotterson for the last twenty years? Something just isn’t right about that. Also, I’m eagerly awaiting the return of Ben’s mother.

Now I’m off to the world of academia, energy drinks and baggy eyes.

2 thoughts on “Papers and Lost

  1. Having lost touch with Lost (if you’ll allow the pun) I find that I have to be extra careful with your posts these days! I intend to (as happened with both the first two series) wait until it’s out on DVD and basically lock myself into my bedroom for a weekend. It’s worked so far.
    On an aside it’s starting to piss me off that so many people who barely watch the show bitch about it not making any sense. Maybe if you people watched the freaking show properly you might be able to keep up!!!
    Anyway, rant over. Good luck with the completion of college, it’s all downhill from here! ;-) I kid, you’re much more grounded than I am and prolly won’t drift in circles quite so much. All will be well.

  2. I have no idea how you can even do work after that. Here are some things to ponder until we can discuss this properly:
    I think Ben knew Jacob existed, and maybe could even see him, but Jacob would not talk to him. Ben was already jealous of Locke’s connection with the island, so I think when Ben realized Jacob spoke to Locke, that was the last straw. Oh, I’m not sure if you saw or read this, but there was totally someone in that chair for a split second. I didn’t see it when I watched, but I’ve seen a few screencaps, so yes, Jacob is real, at least in some form or another.
    I feel like a broken record, but Jack is such a serious douche. “We were going to tell you, but we didn’t have a plan yet” – are you kidding me?! What a fucking dictator. I LOVE the paralells between him and Ben as leaders (AKA they suck at it).
    I honestly have no clue about the death list now…if Locke is indeed dead, I’d say no one is “safe.” All bets are off at this point.

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