Republicans for Voldemort

I want this. I don’t care in what form. It’s sold, as seen here, as a t-shirt, baby-doll tee, messenger bag, hoodie & bumper sticker. I wish I weren’t so poor so that I could buy it. So, I was thinking to myself, I could maybe ask for it for Easter. Or, if nothing else, my birthday is in June. That’s not too far away. Someone get me this for my birthday. Please?!

Spring Break is over and it makes me want to slit my throat. I really, really am not excited to return to class in the morning. I’m not excited to see people. I’m not excited about any of it. I want the semester to be over. I want to be finished with my classes. I want it to be summer. I have never disliked going to class so much. I don’t know what’s wrong with me this semester. Usually I love school. I have senioritis like woah though and I still have another entire year to go!

I helped my little sister pick out her Prom Dress. She ordered it. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see her in it! I’m such a proud big sister. It’s blue and will make her baby blue eyes just shimmer.

I went shopping today. With my Mom. I kind of like shopping with my Mom because she pays and doesn’t make me feel bad for buying something that I wouldn’t buy on my own because I’d be appalled by the price. She rationalizes.

I sent in my essay for Italy. I should hear back this week. I think I’ll be satisfied whether I am accepted to return or not, I can see the up to both sides. I rather hope I am accepted though. I want to go.


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