Just a quick snippet

Lost Rant:

—When did Claire get bangs? Okay, I know that’s anal-retentive. But, sincerely, she didn’t have bangs until this episode. Did she? Because if she did, I definitely failed to notice.

—Charlie’s imminent death as predicted, foreseen, prevented thus far by Desmond. Now, Charlie was my valentine yesterday. And I most certainly did not appreciate the mention of him dying. No, I did not. 

Theories?? Charlie’s not going to die. Why? Well, it’s quite predictable at this point. I mean, Desmond said, point-blank, “Charlie, you’re going to die. It’s inevitable.” So if he died the viewers would just be like, “Guess Desmond was right.” Not to mention that, come on, what’s Dominic Monaghan going to do instead of Lost?? Oh, that’s right…I did hear rumors surfacing about Tolkien expanding the trilogy. (Mind you he passed in 1973, yes I wikipedia-ed that.)

The two snow days we just had were positively glorious. I did nothing productive because, you know, what’s the fun in that?? I’ve committed myself to three directing scenes which I will later most surely regret and I’m actually remotely pleased with the poem I wrote for my Poetry class. It was based on another poem by Shara McCallum :

Her First Song

The sun bakes today.
Beating the earth with intensity,
not a cloud in the sky.
On this day, a little girl
lies on her back with her eyes closed,
drowning in the rays,
dreaming on the bank of a river. Hoping
her dreams will come true,
On the riverbank, this little girl
hums quietly, the tones floating
melodiously away on the passing
summer breeze.
She will stand up, dive
into the crisp running water.
She will retreat,
out of the river, past the bank.
She will open her eyes.
She will continue to dream.
She will not lie down.-Rachel R Dillon

It has yet to be workshopped and after I write a lyric poem I’ll determine which is in need of workshop more.

The only other fact worth noting is that the Goo Goo Dolls are coming to Frostburg State University and that is amazing and monumental because I love them and NObody good ever comes to Frostburg.

That is all.


7 thoughts on “Just a quick snippet

  1. I knew you were flipping out. I feel that most likely Charlie will be OK, unless the show is really trying to drive the whole “you can’t change the future” premise home, and I kind of feel thus far that that statement is the antithesis to the show. Lost is all about how people are given a second chance to change who they are and make up for the bad stuff they’ve done, so it would be shitty if they killed Charlie just b/c it can’t be changed. My random prediction is that Desmond and co. are going to do all this stuff to try to save Charlie and then someone else is going to die as a result, and the person who dies is the one who was supposed to all along (if that makes any sense). This whole episode reminded me a lot of both Final Destination and the Matrix (that old lady was a lot like the Oracle).

  2. Having seen the Dolls twice I can only assure you that you have to go see them! You have to! Trust The Dar on this one! Best live band ever (with the possible exception of My Pet Giraffe of course! ;-))

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