Realizations and the like

I discovered that I love conjunctions. I really do. I think they’re my most favorite words. Sincerely. (Okay, does that word remind anyone else of Stand by Me?? No? Just me? Okay.)

I’ve figured some things out. Money sucks. That’s the part I already knew. I also discovered that it doesn’t matter. Well, I mean it does, essentially. But it’s not something worth worrying about. I came to this realization that sometimes I’ll have more money than I need and sometimes I won’t have enough. But I’ll make it through all of those times and I refuse to let money keep me from doing things that are going to be wonderful for me. Things that I need to do for me.

“Everything beautiful starts somewhere.” -Sherman Alexie

2 thoughts on “Realizations and the like

  1. “Let’s take the long road to get there
    And lots of pictures on the way
    It doesn’t matter how much it cost
    Just how much it’s worth”
    Pathos – ‘Between Here And Heartbreak’

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