A Good Day

It seems that when I begin my day by working and then am off at a relatively decent hour I am in a much more pleasant disposition than other days. I don’t know why this is. Maybe it’s a sign that I truly do enjoy my job, despite my complaints. So today, since I worked from 8am-1pm, is a good day so far.

Last night I finally e-mailed people from my Book of Knowledge. My Book of Knowledge is a tiny journal I carried around with me in Europe. And by carried around I mean, it went everywhere. That book has seen the top of the Eiffel Tower, the hospital in Amsterdam, the inside of the Collosseum, kissed the Blarney Stone, walked the streets of San Marco and experienced countless works of incredibly famous artwork. It is a pretty impressive book. Anyway, it also catalogues the contact information of almost every human I met on my adventures and I recently found it. Well, not that I lost it. I did NOT lose it, I just misplaced it … for six months. Anyways, it felt really good to at least make the first step to keeping in touch with people despite that step being a mass e-mail. And today I received an e-mail back from Sinead, sincerely one of my favorite people in all of my European adventures. She & I worked quite closely during my time in Milan.

Speaking of Milan…she’s seriously considering heading back this summer. As am I, with John, of course. I miss it dreadfully and I’ve finally decided that something needs to be done about this dull ache so I’m going to head back and teach again. For five weeks though, hopefully, to make it worth going. I have more exact trip ideas in my head but I want to make sure I can make the money first. I’ll need to save at least $1000. Easier said than done.


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