The Passing of Greatness

Undeniably there will always be moments in your life that strike you as more important, more impacting, more life-changing and more inspiring than other moments. That’s how memories are made. And the year of 2006 made many memories for me.

It’s amazing how with each passing year I continue to learn so much more about this person that I already thought I knew so well and it’s equally as impressive to discover the world that I never imagined was so vast, so diverse and so extreme. In one single year I experienced more emotions and more intensities than I even knew I was capable of encompassing. So here is my ode to 2006, my tribute to a year that was so good to me.

Feb 1st:
I packed my bags for a distant land. I weeped uncontrollably as an airplane soared above the Atlantic Ocean and I was dropped in a world I didn’t know. That is when I began to grow.

I met Megan, Micaela, Tricia and Katie, each of whom have impacted my life in various ways, though they may never know. I met Caroline who showed me parts of the world just by living with me. I spent four months in the beautiful country of Ireland and I met so many people that will hold a place in my heart and mind and memories forever.

Caitlin, Andy & I met the paramedics in Amsterdam, much to our chagrin. And it’s unfortunate that I can’t look at pot or a brownie the same way ever again. But what a story I have to tell, what an experience I have to remember and what a bond it began to form.

I brought my family out of their world and into one completely foreign. I brought my mother to a country she has always longed to visit and I sat in tense anxiety as my father attempted to drive our handi-cup mini-bus on the left side of the road. And I shed tears of joy as I shared St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland with all of them.

I fell in love with Italy. I found a place that I can remember and sigh and think, Someday I’m going to live here. I want to live here, I want to know this place as home. I spent Easter in Rome with three of the most amazing people of 2006 – Jake, Trey and Caitlin. Caitlin who carries a tiny piece of my heart with her as I long for the drunken nights, the long walks and the silly talks we once shared.

I climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower with Katie and taught the sweetest of Italian children with John where we worked with the most beautiful Irish girls – Sinead, Chiara and Danielle. We drank cheap wine as we sang along at a Sting concert outside the Duomo in Milan.

I reconnected with friends such as Kate and became acquainted with a beautiful group of new friends that love undeniably. I am proud to have performed in three extraordinary theatrical productions of Alice in Wonderland, Godspell and Urinetown.

I think I could ramble for ages about the year of 2006 but those are just events that occurred, people that I met. The reason that 2006 is significant is because I’ve grown so much as a person. I’ve learned so much about myself and about life and about everything. I can’t imagine the year of 2007 being as wonderful to me as 2006 was. I almost mourn the passing of such an era. I discovered more who I truly am and for that, 2006, I thank thee.

Thank you for showing me there is a better world for me and giving me the passion, desire and ambition to seek it. The drive is set. Besides, I left a piece of my heart in Europe and I have to go back and reclaim it.


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