Wet Dog

That’s what the weather is like, wet dog. There are random shakes of water and the ground is wet though never soaking and it wreaks in certain spots of town. Now, mind you the odor is not that of a wet dog, but it’s equally as foul.

Speaking of, I bathed my dogs tonite (thus the inspiration for my comparison) because, I don’t know why, they smell awful and most often they make me want to punch them in their little puppy faces. Notice I am not really an animal person. Please do not call PETA. I would never hurt my dogs and take very good care of them. They just stink.

Anyway, don’t bathe dogs. They smell atrocious and they don’t really enjoy the process either. And then they’re all wet and sometimes they scratch you. But do you know what I hate most about my dogs? The fact that they pee…on everything. The number of a good doggie boarding school would be much appreciated.

Rant finished.

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