I know now, and that’s what matters. Well, at least, I know what I need to know and now I can move on. Strangely, I think I already see the direction I’m headed. I hope the road’s worth it.

I’m currently reading Anthony Rapp’s book ‘Without You’ and I highly recommend it. Maybe not for literary value, but for personal value.


4 thoughts on “Closure?

    1. Yeah, he does. He talks about everything from his career (a lot about Rent) to his family to his sex life. In fact, there’s a lot dealing with sexuality, I guess being that he’s such a Gay/Lesbian Rights Activist and all. It’s Josh’s book, I’m borrowing it…but yeah, I’m still a fangirl! Hah! Oh well.

  1. Closure’s a long road for sure. But having gotten lost on my own journey there several times the Dar is here to offer, if not a compass, at least some company and a dry wit on the journey ahead.

  2. yeah, well, that book made me weep-
    and at the strangest places.
    so be forewarned.
    and call me sometime.
    you may have noticed i was not in choir.
    the weather was for shite and i needed a break from people.
    and oh to have closure in sooooo many areas of my life. but alas.
    hope it works out. ;)

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