Haunt My Dreams


An obsession
To never know
You walk
You saunter
You haunt my dreams

The pads of your lips on mine
Breath mingles
The tip of your finger down my spine
Skin tingles
The passion in your eyes shines
Mind wanders

You hair through my fingers
Your kiss on my neck
My arousal at your bidding
My smile in your head
The tangle of legs
As muscles move in time

Pushed to the side
The clothes, the sheets, the dread
The loss of dignity
Surrendering of pride
Slight rising of bile
As I dream to be your bride

But to the love I’ll never know
And for the ecstasy left unresolved
I leave you now my fair obsession
Of one favor I request:
Your walk
Your saunter
You. Haunt my dreams.


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