I’m enjoying my weekend of hibernation. Do I really want to risk an upset??

That’s terrible, I know. To think of spending time with people as being an upset. But sometimes I do. Not everyone, but some. Sometimes I imagine my serenity as this fragile covering that I’ve somehow managed to intricately place around myself and I know that pressure, just the right amount, in just the right place will shatter it. And I suppose I see them as the ones to exert that pressure. That exact science that can destroy the serenity I’ve worked to preserve.

So I’ll sit and wait for the phone to ring. But until it does, I won’t try and make it. I’ll sit and  sail my problems away. Always.


One thought on “Hibernation

  1. no, seriously, stay in. enjoy the peace!
    i was in town for a little bit on friday, but even then i felt pressure and stress. (who’s going where? why can’t people answer phones or respond to text messages? are high school kids really cooler than me? lol.) i have vowed to spend today and tomorrow in virtual hermitage.

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