Some days I just feel like hibernating away from the world. Just curling up in bed and reading or watching my favorites movies one after the other. There are days when I don’t really want to leave my house and I have no desire to really see anyone or be social. And I’m okay with that. But I hate when others aren’t.

It’s not a negative thing like I’m depressed or anything it’s just that I need down-time. I need Rachel Time and I don’t want the world to interfere with that time. My Mom & sister worry about it – they think it’s unhealthy to hermit myself away for hours. But I’m not my Mom or my sister. Everyone desires approval from others in some way and there are times when I really hate going places alone and want someone to come with me everywhere. I just have to counterbalance those times with Rachel Time.

This evening has provided me with wonderful Rachel Time and I’ve quite enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Hermit

  1. I understand completely! Being very much a homebody, I can nest in for days at a time. I’m comfortable enough with myself that I don’t need to be entertained by someone else.
    I’m glad you had some lovely Rachel Time. You deserve it, dear!

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