Forwarding Foul

I got this forward today and it was supposed to be this joke to make you look stupid. The first part said something like, “A deaf man walks into a convenience store & needs a toothbrush so he pantomimes using a toothbrush and eventually the clerk understands and his purchase is complete. Then a blind man walks in looking for sunglasses, how does he show the sales clerk what he needs?” So then this forward makes you scroll down really far and says, “The blind man says, ‘I need sunglasses’.” Which, okay, the average person might not have thought of that but, isn’t that a little bit moot when it’s a blind man buying sunglasses?! All I kept thinking from the second I read that the blind man was looking for sunglasses was, Why the hell does a blind man need sunglasses? I mean, really, I don’t understand. If someone can explain to me the witty intellectual humor that must clearly be present behind this joke, I’ll gladly listen!

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