Stressing Out

I am a bit close to having a nervous breakdown. Okay, well, maybe not quite so extreme. I am definitely stressed out though. You can see it all over my face. I mean this literally. My acne has flared up like blood from a bullet wound and it’s awful. Really, awful.

I am either struggling to stay awake or inwardly urging myself to calm down. It’s awful. I’m either terribly high strung or I’ve lost all string to be strung. I am not even sure if I’m making sense.

I discovered today that my dizzy spells have returned. Which, ya know, is fabulous. “What Rachel? You’re stressed out? Need to get things done? Thinking of driving screwdrivers into your temple? We’ll give you something to aim for!” It’s not at all like I imagined dizzy spells to be like, before I ever had one. I always assumed that the room was spinning and the person was stable. My dizzy spells, however, don’t work like that. I can see and everything and watch the world in its perfect balance and it’s like the inside of my head is on the Round-up and it wants to get off. Like I can feel my brain spinning. When I am stationary, it’s not really a problem because, while concentrating does become a bit more strenuous, I can pretty much continue as though nothing is happening. When I’m mobile, however, I tend to weave and feel light-headed. Particularly in the cold Frostburg air, I’ve found.


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