Past Times

Life passes you by in an instant.
In that instant you experience happiness and joy,
Pain and sorrow,
Excitement and embarrassment.

You remember experiences you loved and those that you hated.
You remember those people that taught you lessons and touched your heart.

It’s easy to forget all the little things that happen,
Those moments melt away in the depth of your memory leaving only the most outstanding to drift through your mind on certain occasions.

A song can bring back a night, a dance, a someone.
A smell can bring back an entire place just as you remember it,
Untainted by time or life.
A word, a smile, a tear can send your mind racing.

Would you live that instant of life over again changing nothing?
Would you allow your heart to feel all the emptiness and pain as well as the warming of a kind voice?

All those times when you just want to give up,
You just want to let things go.
When you wish the scenery would just fade away
Leaving you in a deep abyss of memories.

That instant passes you by never to repeat.
And once it’s over,
Once it’s gone,
It’s never coming back.
To treasure each passing second is a concept humans will never comprehend.

I loved that second.
As I should love this second.
Instead I waste away this second trying to relive the last.

Move on,
Seconds move and change,
Days pass by,
Sun to moon,
Light to dark,
Day to night.
So just as the sun can’t relive that beautiful spring day overlooking the landscape,
The moon cannot relive that night when it was full and the stars were beaming,
The soul cannot relive that time when the world seemed perfect and the heart was happy.

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