Poetic Moments

Tell me something I don’t already know. A truth.

Tell me something nobody else knows. A secret.

Tell me something nobody else tells me. A love.

Sometimes I get this feeling inside me.
It’s not really good or bad, it’s just a feeling.
Most of the time it goes away,
Sometimes it doesn’t.

Rarely do I ever let myself crush.
I like to think I’ve created a defense to such trivial matters.
It hurts just as much not to crush as it does when you do.
Rarely does it feel liberating.

There are times when I just want to cry,
When I so want to cry.
Sometimes when it seems like the way out,
A source of pity and concern from surrounding members.
There are never times when I just cry.
I hold it in,
I fight it out,
I don’t cry.

Not in front of you.

Why must life send these lemons my way without making appropriate provisions of water and sugar?

::None of these stanzas are necessarily connected. You can decide for yourself whether or not they should be. Just random poetic thoughts that sometimes come spilling from this brain of mine.

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