This way.

I hate feeling this way…
I’m not sure what this way is, but I hate it.

I wish I didn’t look this way.
This, this way, the way that I look.

Sometimes I know life has to be this way.
Sometimes I know life should be any other way than the way that it is, this way.

The rollercoaster of ups and downs through the dips and loops and sharp turns.
Is this the way? This way is how it’s meant to be?
Is there no level plane?

Rollercoasters take your breath away but the ride is over in seconds.
We need to breath. Without breath there is no life.

Perhaps that’s the key, this way, the way of life, it is a rollercoaster.
It takes your breath away quickly and leaves you struggling for air.

Is that the way? This way.
This can’t be the way.

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